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Welcome to the Society of Daughters of the United States Army

Known as DUSA or Army Daughters, we are a non-profit organization which is dedicated to promoting friendship and support among daughters and granddaughters of Army Officers by providing opportunities for interaction through Chapters and nationally. We share our military experiences, maintain friendships and increase knowledge of United States Army history. Further, we fund a Scholarship program which is designed to support the higher education efforts of other Army Daughters.

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President’s Message:

Ninety years ago, our Society was founded to promote friendship and support among daughters and granddaughters of Army Officers through a sharing of our life experiences shaped by the military. Today it is important to reflect on how Army Life, society and women have changed in the ninety years since the Society was first founded. Even amongst our members the experiences of being an Army Daughter have varied – some of us lived on Army posts, many did not; some of us are West Point graduates while for others that opportunity did not exist; some of us continued to experience the Army life through marriage while others entered civilian life. Few of us could have anticipated the significant changes these last ninety years have seen. Despite all the changes, we have been steadfast in our focus on friendship and support including an emphasis on encouraging scholarship and providing support for higher education.

We hope you join with us in friendship and the shared experiences of Army Daughters.

Jeanne Kunzig Anthony
National President